Blaise Farm IVC Waste Management

The IVC is the Waste Management Facility at Blaise Farm, i.e. the In Vessel Composting. This is operated by New Earth Solutions which has been a Panda Group Company since October 2016.
Any problems that may be associated with the Blaise Farm IVC, such as odour or flies, should be reported to the Environment Agency. You can telephone their Incident Team on 0800 807060 which is a 24-hour response line.
If any action is to be taken it is important for the Environment Agency to be able to assess the extent of the problem, so the number of responses is significant. The call should only take 5 minutes. The EA will take details of the call, provide you with a reference number and advise you to contact daily for the duration of the problem.
It would also be helpful if you could notify the following people of the problem:

  • Hayley Adams, Group Operations Manager New Earth Group
    01732 873215 –
  • Cllr Sarah Hohler, KCC,
  • Cllr Matthew Balfour, TMBC and KCC,
  • Offham Parish Council,
  • Clare Innes, (maintaining an odour log)