Blaise Farm Quarry

KCC have issued a Scoping Opinion for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) that will need to be undertaken as part of the proposed application to increase the size of the Maximum Instantaneous Charge.  This can be viewed on the KCC website via the following link using the reference KCC/SCO/TM/0325/2016

Offham Parish Council will reiterate their objections to any application to increase the size of the charge and will continue to raise concerns about the effect of the current charge on properties within the village.  The Parish Council will strongly object to any application which is made to increase the size of the blasts.

Gallagher Aggregates Ltd (GAL) have been asked to undertake community engagement prior to submitting any application to increase the size of the blasts, and have also been asked to make contact with residents who have expressed concerns about the potential impact of the blasting at the site to arrange to undertake blast monitoring at their properties or at representative locations nearby.  If you are affected or concerned in any way it is important that you register your concerns with GAL and KCC using the addresses below as soon as possible:

Jim Wooldridge, Principal Planning Officer at KCC (

Bill Bowley, GAL Quarry Manager (

County Councillor Sarah Hohler (

Rosemary Ricketts, Environment Agency (

Offham Parish Council – (keeping a blast log)