Offham Landfill Site – Update October 2012

Offham Landfill Site, Teston Road, Offham
The site closed for the intake of any putrescible waste on the 31st December 2006. Waste Recycling Group Ltd (WRG) had a further year to complete the importation and deposit of all inert waste, soils and compost needed to cover up the waste and complete the restoration of the site. However, such an instant solution has not proven viable and, instead, an annual plan is now presented to KCC planners to agree the amount of soils to be imported in the coming year for use in re-contouring the site in order to reach final levels.
The site is operated by two companies. WRG is responsible for site maintenance and profiling, whilst Infinis is now responsible for gas control and electricity generation from the compound behind White Ladies. The future of White Ladies itself is still to be decided.
If you have any issues with planning control at the site then write or e-mail Mr. J. Moat at Kent County Council, Planning Applications Group at the address below or Alternatively, for any problems with odour escape, noise pollution or other potential nuisance issues, contact the Environment Agency on 0800 807 060. Please also notify OPC of your concerns by contacting the Clerk.
Although there have been considerable improvements for neighbours of the site, there are a number of ongoing issues that are monitored by the various agencies and OPC’s input is guaranteed via the regular meetings of the Liaison Group, which now meets twice a year.
Gas escape along identified fissures in the rock structure is still a problem in some areas, despite much work being done on systems controlling such egress in recent years.
Gas production from the site has now reached its peak and therefore the generation capacity is likely to reduce gradually over the next few years. However, new technology available may mean that even very poor quality gas can be used for generation and that such operations could extend for many years to come. 
The need for careful control of conditions and gas extraction on site makes it unlikely that footpaths will be restored to original routes for several years.
As land settlement levels are unpredictable it is also likely that soil imports will also be with us for several more years.
Mr. J. Moat
Planning Applications Group
Kent County Council
First Floor, Invicta House
County Hall
Kent ME14 1XX