If you need to report an incident, the police numbers are:
 9 9 9 to report a crime AS IT IS HAPPENING
 1 0 1
Police Community Officers Control to report a crime WHICH HAS ALREADY HAPPENED (theft, vandalism, loss of property etc.) You will be given a crime number for future reference should further information come to light.
Making it Easier to Contact Kent Police

Our Community Police Officers are PCSO Wendy Stanley and PCSO James Robinson.  If they are not on duty or are not available due to an incident elsewhere, they will be aware daily from computer links of any incidents reported to the Community Officers Control.
For news, safety advice and information about policing in your area, visit www.kent.police.uk.     You can also follow on Twitter: @kent_police


The twice weekly police newsletter can be viewed at www.e-watch.co/updates.php – just click on the Tonbridge & Malling section on the left hand side.


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