As many of you will be aware, the Pond on Comp Lane has fallen into a great state of disrepair, become very unkempt and in need of attention.  The Parish Council, led in this project by Cllr Frankling, is working hard to restore this to an area that benefits the entire village.  Progress has been made by arranging for the repair of the adjacent road and coppicing the surrounding trees.

Adrian Marchant of Marchant Garden Services has generously worked free of charge and is thanked by the Parish Council for his hard work.  The volunteers who have already taken part are also thanked for the enormous contribution they have made to this project.  Without their help the restoration work could not be completed.   If you would also like to volunteer your services, please contact either Cllr Frankling or the Clerk.

The Parish Council will fund the restoration partly through the precept, fund raising efforts such as sales of the Village Calendar and by personal donations from villagers. The Parish Council are also organising a quiz night in the New Year, with proceeds to go to the Pond project.

It is vitally important that once the Pond has been restored it is maintained and not allowed to fall back into its current state.  The whole village has a stake in this project.  A donation has already been gratefully received from Laurence J Betts Ltd, Church Farm.  If you would like to make a donation which will go towards the Pond project and its ongoing maintenance then please contact either Cllr Frankling or the Parish Clerk.