Vacancy – Bookings Secretary Offham Village Hall

Valerie, who is a valued member of the Village Hall Committee, has sadly had to step down from the post of Bookings Secretary due to health reasons.

If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in finding out more, Valerie would be delighted to chat about it.  She has found the post immensely enjoyable.

The Village Hall  have their regular week day/night bookings so it is usually for private bookings on a weekend. Enquiries are usually by email with the occasional phone call and payment is primarily by BACCS and paid at the time of booking. They mainly have children’s parties and the Mums and Dads are a pleasure to work with and they are now having return bookings. The post would require someone who lives locally as the key is returned by dropping it through a letterbox.

As they are a charity, there is no payment – expenses are paid – but Valerie has derived a great deal of pleasure from the role and is sure someone else will too.

Please contact Valerie for more information at